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About Us

Stephen Farbman

Stephen Farbman began acting around the age of 7, and has been in numerous productions of various mediums throughout his nearly 30 years of life including stage, television, interactive theater, film, radio, and even video games. While acting is a passion for him, he is currently working as in educator in Los Angeles, and hopes to eventually balance his time teaching college on a collegial level and working on passion projects, such as this production of Mickey and Worm as well as the yearly masquerade known as the Labyrinth of Jareth, where he performs consistently as one of the goblin characters. It was in fact through this experience that he met many of the other cast members of this fine production. Stephen sincerely hopes that you enjoy the telling of this story, and thanks you for your support in helping to make it a reality.

Ryan Phillips

Ryan is  an artist and story is his  media. Ryan really have done quite a bit on his journey so far, some things he  loved and some he  could not stand. The whole time Ryan has always been that guy who is always telling stories. Using whatever means he had.  Finally after working in the corporate world he changed direction and became an artist.   It’s a lot more complicated than that and maybe one day he will tell more of the tale.

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