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Intervision Entertainment is a small group building an independent artists translating  translating comics, short stories, and books and narratives  to live action and multimedia web series and podcasts. We have worked with artists such as Christie Shinn (Demon Bitch, Personal Monsters) , David Sobolov (Blitzwing, Bumblebee; Gorilla Grodd, The Flash), Stephanie Alia (Mother Death; Great Raven Army), Fred Tatasciore (Family Guy; American Dad), Neo Edmund (Alpha Huntress, The Walking Dead.) Check out Scintillating Stories or McGarfield  and the rest of our work


Ryan of Intervision


Ryan Phillips has had a lot of jobs. But for as long as he can remember he has loved stories.  Reading them, hearing them and telling them. That is what drew him to acting and then producing, the telling of the story. Every thing important that makes us who we are; those lessons came from stories.

Or some crap like that. The truth is I am an artist and story is my media. I really have done quite a bit on my journey my so far, some things I loved and some I could not stand. The whole time I’ve always been that guy who is always telling stories. Using what ever means I had.  Then Ghislaine and I found a script, a story that needed to told and poof: Intervision. It’s a lot more complicated than that and maybe one day I will tell more of the tale. In the mean time Check out what we have and share it if you like.  If you love it support us at

Executive Producer


Creative Director

Raised with an unusual multi-cultural background, Ghislaine is a British-American performer, with family in England, Canada, France, India, Israel & the Middle East, which pretty much means she comes from a family that loves fashion and food. Despite a lifetime passion and study of the arts, Ghislaine mostly ignored the calling…mostly…until reaching the islands of Hawaii, where opportunity and aloha immersed her into the world completely. Within a short time of arriving on the island of Oahu, she found herself on stage in the Hawaii premiere of Ragtime. It wasn’t long before Hawaii Opera Theatre offered the chance of a lifetime: a scholarship to the Mae Z. Orvis Studio and a role as Mother/The Witch in Hansel & Gretel, for its upcoming island(s) tour. After a few years of back-to-back shows on stage, it was time to head back to Los Angeles, CA where she co-created and directed TrebleMakers, a children’s musical and theatrical arts program throughout Ventura County. As a VO artist, a vocal coach, a writer, a producer and the Creative Director of Intervision, Ghislaine is often busy behind the scenes and behind the mic. Besides being one of our main voices on Popular Person Problems, Scintillating Stories & MacGarfield, you can also catch Ghislaine on stage as PiiiinguMeh’Uh’Kah (Songbird) at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles each year as well as part of the Combat Radio hero crew for various local charities. Through Ghislaine’s experiences in Hawaii, we have developed a method of acting we call the Intervision Method, which combines extensive dramaturgy along with a strong influence of both the Stanislavski and Meisner methods. We believe that an actor who masters the craft does not need to be stereotyped to achieve a believable and passionate performance. Ghislaine works directly with each actor to create a character that they deeply understand beyond the motivations of the script. “Together, we build a defined world with each story and let the emotions drive the scenes naturally; it’s science that feels like magic.”

Kendra Smith


Kendra Smith hails from Northern British Columbia, Canada and as any good Canadian transplant, misses Tim Hortons coffee, authentic poutin and a decent doughnut. Kendra's heart has belonged to the Arts from a young age, ever since her first dance lesson as a little girl. She grew up especially with a love for behind the scenes. This affection led to teaching music as well as theatre arts. Kendra taught music for eight years and was involved in working and participating in Treblemakers, which was a theatre themed early education class for families. Her production credits include Mickey and Worm and The Music Man Jr. She has worked as producer, stage manager, operations, adminstration, and tech with Intervision. Kendra has also had cameos in Mickey and Worm. Kendra throws herself into artistic hobbies such as The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) where she can show off her skills in jewelry making and costume design. She's also been involved in other non-profit groups like local food pantries and church sponsored international trips. Intervision Entertainment has been proud to have Kendra on board since it's inception. She has been an integral part of the vision and we thank her for it.

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