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Damion Nowak


Damion Nowak briefly ends his acting hiatus of almost ten years to play Dan “the cad” Kowalski. He started is acting career in high school and went on to play extra roles in “Silk Stalkings” and “Renegade” in the late nineties. After acting with Dangerhouse Productions in Grand Guignol horror shows and a title role as Struwwelpeter with Libation Theatre Damion married and had two children. Damion thanks his wife Danyelle and children Kaylee and Corbin for all their love and support.

Danielle May

Margie; Cocktail Waitress

Danielle doesn’t usually do this kind of thing - well, not exactly this kind of thing.  When it comes to theatre, she is more at home in the pit orchestra, where she has spent plenty of time for college performances of Jekyll and Hyde, West Side Story, and Into the Woods.  Her musical exploits further include formerly playing in the Quincy Park Band and Clarinet Choir in Quincy, Illinois, and singing in the University of Notre Dame Liturgical Choir, and currently performing as a musician and bard in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Danielle recently joined the Intervision family as hostess for Scintillating Stories Live. She also voices characters on both the Scintillating Stories podcast and the Popular Person Problems podcast. Danielle would like to thank you, the patrons of Lou Atwater’s Club Royale, for coming to this fine establishment tonight to immerse yourselves in this vision.

Gia La Dolce

Maddeline Ball

Gia is a lifelong performer, having taken dance lessons and performed on stage from an early age. She often performed skits for family with her sisters, and later on was an active member of the drama club in high school. She teamed up with her old theater friends to put on The Fantasticks in 2010. A lover of all things vintage, especially the 1940s, she started singing jazz in her early twenties. She began modeling for a local pinup company, Temptress Fashion in 2011 and soon after became involved in the San Diego Burlesque community. As a troupe leader for The Bawdy Show, she produces and performs as well.  A real triple threat of vintage proportions

Stephen Farbman

Arthur “Bookworm” Wingate

Stephen Farbman began acting around the age of 7, and has been in numerous productions in various mediums throughout his nearly 31 years of life including stage, television, interactive theater, film, radio, and even video games. While acting is a passion for him, he is currently working as an educator in Los Angeles, and hopes to eventually balance his time between working as a teacher and working on passion projects, such as this production of Mickey and Worm. Other projects of his include acting in the yearly Labyrinth Masquerade Ball, where he performs consistently as one of the Main Stage goblin characters. It was in fact through this experience that he met show runners Ryan and Ghislaine. Stephen sincerely hopes that you enjoy the telling of this story, and thanks you for your support in helping to make it a reality.  

Ryan Phillips

Mickey Donegan

Ryan has preformed on stages all over the southwest with highlights including Lord Garrett in Labyrinth Masquerade, Jerry in  Tales of the Lost Formicans, and Rodger in Fastest Way to a Woman's Heart .  Ryan would like to thank his incredible director for bring this to life, the writer for creating it, and cast for coming together through everything. I hope to work with all of you again.   This performance is dedicated to his lovely wife, director and fellow producer Ghislaine. 

Kendra Smith

Ticket Seller

Kendra comes to this show with 3 years of experience from TrebleMakers, including working on Music Man Jr., where she helped both behind the scenes as well as performed on stage!  In addition she has several years’ worth of experience as a private music teacher

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Behind the Curtain




Ghislaine is a producer, writer, a director, a (classically trained) singer, an actress and apparently a Jill-of-all-trade.  Catch her this July as Piingu Meh’hukah, The Goblin Opera Singer at The Annual Labyrinth Masquerade Ball at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.  Ghislaine would like to thank this amazing team of actors, artists, crew, family and friends that have worked so hard to make this vision a reality.  Special thanks go to her talented and supported husband Ryan, who proves every day that while “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, he’s well worth waiting for!  

John McKinley


John is a member of the Dramatist’s Guild (DG) and the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP).  He’s appeared in, produced, or directed, in over 30 productions over the past 18 years in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.  Monterey Media has produced seven of John’s scripts for their “Theatre of the Mind” audio series which is widely available.  In association with William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist), John directed the world premiere of Twinkle, Twinkle, “Killer” Kane.  Many of his shorter plays have been produced abroad, and some of his full-length plays have also received staged readings.  Mickey & Worm, a full-length “film noir” period piece, with gangsters and gats, mobsters and molls, double-crosses and more than one femme fatale, has received two previous productions. John is currently working on two other full length plays, (along with intermittent shorter ones).  

Robert Ross.

Show Armourer.

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