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Spring. 1940. Mickey and Worm are best pals and partners in grifting, gambling, and all kinds of shady deals. Mickey is a failed boxer who took a fall for a big payoff; Worm is the brains to Mickey's brawn, but is tired of scraping by for a living and wants a regular job. Night club singer Maddy is Mickey's long-time moll, but she's got aspirations for Broadway -- and even a chance to pursue her dream, if she's willing to leave Mickey for Lou, a rich and shady night club owner.  Giselle, a seemingly innocent young nightclub singer, is more a femme fatale than anyone suspects and becomes intertwined amongst them all. Lou has a fortune in cash ripe for the picking and somebody is going to get it -- leaving some dead, some disappointed, and some a whole lot richer..    

What would you do for a briefcase full of cash?

The show, written by John McKinley especially for Intervision Entertainment, is  an incredible tale set in 1940. A dramatic narrative slowly unfolds around the guests, leaving patrons feeling as if they were dropped right inside a classic black-and-white film.  Rampant with intensity and reflections on personal choices, honesty, and true friendship, it all happens in a classic American nightclub setting, filled with good food, booze and lounge singers crooning some of the best tunes from the era..        


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