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: 818-861-9194
Place: Lou Atwater’s Club Royale, Chicago IL
Time: 1940, just after The Great Depression and before America is actively in WWII
Alfred Arthur “Worm” Wingate III
Late 20s – mid 30s, Male presenting, any ethnicity.  
Clean-cut, clean-shaved, takes pride in his appearance, often wearing a suit and tie.  Requires glasses to see well. Very intelligent.  Loves to read.  Can do a lot of basic math quickly in his head.  
His best friend is Mickey Donegan, “who would do anything for him and he would do anything for Mickey.”  Mickey is an ex-boxer, tough and not too bright, but very charismatic.  They’ve been friends for many years now.
Deep deep down Worm has a thing for Maddy; she is beautiful, talented and deserves a better life.  Maddy is Mickey’s girl and Worm would never cross that line.  But he dreams about it.
Maddeline “Maddy” Ball
30s, female presenting, any ethnicity.  Femme Fatale.  
There’s something about Maddy.  She walks, talks, and has the singing and dancing talent of any famous movie star.  But she’s living in the wrong place to truly be discovered.
She’s been with Mickey
more years than she’s willing to admit, and it’s beginning to feel more and more like she loves him, but he doesn’t love her.  He certainly doesn’t seem to think of her first or care about her dreams.  Recently she’s been wondering if their relationship has been more of him convincing her to be part of his dreams than a dream they can build together.
Maddy only met Lou recently when they all started coming to this club and he offered her a chance to audition, which feels more like a step in the right direction.  Lou has New York connections.  This is it: her big break.  It might mean leaving all of this behind, but a dream’s a dream.
Deep deep down Maddy cares for Worm, but hasn’t shown it in years, although teasing him just a little from time to time is most scrumptious.  Worm deserves a “nice” girl. Besides, Mickey’d kill them both
Lou Atwater
Mid 30s – 50s, male presenting, any ethnicity.
Successful nightclub owner and mid-level gangster.  Most people have no idea how deep his connections go or how committed Lou is to “getting the job done”.  He is fueled by money and revenge on the inside, but on the outside, he is suave and well-loved by all who don’t know him personally, and respected by those who do.  He rarely loses his cool, and frankly his hot anger is less scary than his cold anger. 
He wants Worm to work for him for…reasons.  Soon he will have Worm and Maddy in his back-pocket and leave Mickey in the dust.  He lost a lot of money when Mickey threw the big fight many years ago and he hasn’t forgotten.
Barnes (The Bartender)
Mid 30s to Mid 60s.  Any gender, any ethnicity.  Must have an authentic look for 1930s (1940).  
Takes pride in their work.  Glasses are always clean and the bar is always ready for customers.  Anticipates Lou’s needs to include chairs for people sitting at his table, Lou’s favorite whiskey, and any drinks for guests.  Works for Lou out of mutual…respect, ahem…life choices.  Likes bartending, but doesn’t like being “the help.”  Always staid and friendly, but on the inside is fearful of what Lou could actually do, because they’ve seen it and done it firsthand.  Knows and sees a lot more than they let on, but occasionally break when nobody (but the audience) can see.
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